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Kiyastudios Jina Makuro Boxart
Jina Makuro
Biographical Information





Makuro Jina

Technical Information
Series type

Powerloid or Tsundeloid

Series no.


Chara item

Black Purse



Additional Information



Megurine Luka (derived)

Jina Makuro is the most recent Powerloid by Kiyastudios. She is also known as a Tsundeloid



Jina Makuro is a half-nice half-tsundere girl. Her outfit is a school girl top followed by light up arm warmers. Jina has a long skirt which lastly follows to Megurine Luka boots.She loves to write and tends to add so much humor to her writing. Her favorite genre is rock. Jina's name means " Macro character" and her item is a black purse. She chases around people with a stick when she's angry.


She will only get to have an appearance in the Powerloid animation.


Jina Makuro was made to be the first tsundere Powerloid. She's the second character to have their voice taken by another Vocaloid.

Kiyastudios was having difficulty trying to figure out what Jina should look like. Her outfits for her fanmades don't really end up as good when she struggles, which is what happened to Jina. Jina ended up having a school girl's top that was in a vocaloid way and a long skirt with Megurine Luka's boots.

As which is not shown on the picture of Jina in the infobox, she had long fingerless gloves like Meiko Sakine. Jina only has sleeves, which is also part of the outfit.

The theme for Jina is her being angry at her creator for nagging up her outfit. That earned Jina the act of being Tsundere.

Other Info

Race: American, Japanese


  • She is a dervative to Megurine Luka. Jina has Luka's boots and a long skirt.
  • She has the look of Luka, but the voice of MEIKO


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