Jagotka, also known as Јаготка in Serbian is a Serbian Vocaloid that was created by DANGERMisato (Ixalia). She was voiced by Ixalia in Serbian version. She was categorized in Serbian Vocaloid called Jagodiloid.
  • Jagotka in box art.


Jagotka is a Serbian synthesizer like minotaur who has red color and blue coloured hair which is follow the Serbian flag . her age is  13-16 years but her actual age is 1300-1600 years. . She wears a Japanese-Serbian uniform like Kagamine Len and Rin but she is very different. Unlike Hatsune Miku and Kasane Teto, she doesn't have a tail.


She has sings any songs from Vocaloid in Serbian

I=Fantasy by SeeU in Serbian version.

I'm Sorry I'm Sorry by Hatsune Miku in Serbian version and more.

Ievan Polkka.

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