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Ian Patrick Brennan
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Alice,Kaito,Miku,Meiko,creepy things,

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Ian is a fanloid with the persona of a young Boy


he is kind and only wants to be noticed


As a Vocaloid 4, IAN's first appearance. He sings in a medium pitched voice and sings pop. As a Vocaloid 5, he has an append and English version. And as a Vocaloid 6, he is one of the three Vocaloid 4's to appear as a Vocaoid 6.


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  • IAN and ALICE are sometimes paired together like in the song Black Tears
  • In Black Tears an evil version of IAN and ALICE are shown and are called NAI and ECILA but Nai is the name of the genderbend version of IAN
  • In Black Tears IAN is shown to be taller than ALICE but he is really smaller than her being 3 years younger


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