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Image Honne Dell byCaffein
Honne Dell
(ほんね デル)
Biographical Information

May 20, 2008




Unknown (widely believed to be 20+)


Dell Honne (western order)

Official homepage

CAFE-LOG: Caffein

Technical Information
Series type


Chara item

Cigarettes, Dell Laptop (presumed)


Kagamine Len

Opt genre

Not defined

Additional Information

CAFFEIN (カフェイン)



Honne Dell is a popular derivative created by CAFFEIN. The fandom views him to be based on Vocaloid Kagamine Len, however, his origins are derived from Yowane Haku. His name "Honne"; (本音) means "true feelings" while "Dell" (デル) is a double reference, presumably the brand of his laptop. Read in whole, his full name means "honne-(ga)-deru" (本音(が)出る), or to speak hidden real feelings; that is, to be frank.


Dell wears office-like clothes. His original clothes were more or less like Haku's. In the latest version of his design, he is seen wearing what would seem like a turtleneck, a lab coat and glasses along with black shoes.

In his original design, it is unsure if he really wears the same shoes as Haku or he also wears black shoes as CAFFEIN's drawings may differ. In the official boxart, he was seen with the same shoes as Haku.


He is depicted to be a kuudere, workaholic, smoker and a hacker. He is speculated by fans to have an excellent command in the English language.

As per Caffein's illustration, he appears to exude a hint of hostility, possibly attributed as a failure of Kagamine Len.

Caffein has written that he is better than what Haku could do, in the author's context that Dell is a character not as a Vocaloid, but rather, a user of Vocaloid.


Dell, according to CAFFEIN, is "the alternate persona had Haku been born as a man" and they are "the two sides of the same coin." He works and earns while Haku had been reduced to be a drunken NEET (but not as of recent). Before this revelation by CAFFEIN, Dell is assumed to be Haku's younger or older half-brother, and ironically, he is sometimes seen to be the elder person or the more mature of the two.

Together with his older sister/alter-ego Haku, Dell is popular in his own right. He appears in many illustrations, songs, and cameos, mainly Dancing Samurai, Turkish March Owata \(^0^)/ and CAFFEIN's doujinshi, Silent World.

A translated version of the doujinshi can be found at this Facebook page:

Voice configuration

Dell is initially marked as vocalizations of Len Kagamine gone bad. It is surprisingly easy to make substandard output with Len, due to the inconsistency of his voice volume. However, other trends achieve Dell's voice in another way, by downsampling songs with Len's voice, to produce Dell's voice. This practice is highly frowned upon in Nico-Nico Douga and is considered tantamount to plagiarism. It was thought that getting Dell's proper configuration was next to impossible.

There is also a misconception of Dell and Haine Ren sharing the same type of voice, which is untrue.

All configurations shown here should not be viewed as being widely accepted or acknowledged by the character's creator.

Configuration: Kagamine Len

Initial configuration using Kagamine Len and subsequent versions and appends, as written and commonly used by Orochi Herman. Crediting for this configuration, while preferred, is not mandatory.
40 (V3)
Like with his sister/alter-ego, Dell's voice sounds better in lower octaves. He is comparable to a baritone voice, especially when tweaked. However, to sound human-like, post-processing and sound normalization is required, as he also inherits Len's flaw of unbalanced volume in his voicebank. Moreover, he may have inconsistencies concerning his "Y" and "K" sounding unrefined; this can be fixed by affixing the letter h between the consonant and the vowel. (eg "j a"; with the extra h phoneme, becomes "j h a")

If a user has the Kagamine appends, Dell works best with Len's Serious and Power append, giving him singing assertion the regular Len voicebank normally does not have. Gender settings may require adjustments on the fly to keep his voice consistently aged especially in upper octaves; this depends on the user and the effects desired. This is actually almost the same config as with Haku, but slightly changed to be masculine.

Configuration: Kagamine Len Append Power

This is a Fanmade configuration for Len Kagamine Append Power.
40 (V3)
He has slight problems with the notes 't' and 'k'.

Additional info


  • There are no officially sanctioned relationships between Dell and other characters.


Search Honne Dell on deviantArt Pixiv Piapro
Search Honne Dell on YouTube NicoVideo


  • He is said to be a frequent smoker, and is referred to as a "VOYAKILOID".
  • Unlike Haku, Dell has yet to make an appearance on an official level.
  • Dell's name is sometimes mispronounced by western users with a silent "e" (rhyming with "phone").
  • Though CAFFEIN said his name had nothing to do with the computer company that shares the same name, many fans believe his laptop is a Dell.


Note; this is not a gallery for every fanart out there, just for reference

Image Honne Dell byCaffein
Dell Honne Concept art
concept art byCaffein

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