Hiyasa Kaosu
Biographical Information

March 12, 2014






11 mos. (timewise)

22 yrs. (modelwise)


5' 9"

Technical Information
Series type


Series no.


Chara item

Sack Boy


ChilledChaos (Anthony) (Non-Singing)

Opt genre


Additional Information

James Beesley


James Beesley


Best Friend: Kagaku-Oji

Hiyasa Kaosu ('冷やさ'カオス) is a 22 year old character who is actually not any type of 'loid. He is a reccuring character, and is based off of the famous YouTUBER, ChilledChaos (CriousGamers.)


Hiyasa is a reccuring character and is best friends with Kagaku-Oji. His color is White. He has short, wavy black hair. He has brown eyes. He's 5' 9", and is the same height as Fumetsu and Kagaku. He wears a greyish-blue plaid button up with the sleeves rolled up to just below his elbow and has a black long sleeve shirt underneath it. He wears dark gray jeans and black Converse.


Hiyasa is a nice individual but is also strange due to the fact that while he lives in Kagaku's kingdom, he absolutely hates the king even though he's best friends with the prince. He refuses to sing because he doesn't really know how, his only real "training" done by Kagaku who moved before he could finish it. Hiyasa still lives in Kagaku's kingdom but he visits Japan every once in a while to see how Kagaku is doing away from home. He's really caring ,especially to his friends, and gets along with people easily. He still secretly likes Kagaku a lot but he tries not to let his feelings get in the way, which does get the best of him at times.


Hiyasa and Kagaku are best friends and have been practically since birth. They grew up together and were basically joined at the hip until Kagaku was sentanced to actual prince's duties once Kagaku  hit the age of 15. He almost dated Kagaku at one point but that's around the time when Kagaku left; not because of his friend's advancements, because of the mission his dad gave him around this time. Since that day, Hiyasa has given up and tried to find a new partner to be both a friend and a lover but it failing at it pretty badly. He still visits Kagaku every few months to see what's going on and likes to see how his friends are doing too.


  • Hiyasa doesn't sing at all so he has no voice bank.
  • If he were to sing, he'd be a modification of Kagaku that is higher and rougher.
  • This is because Kagaku is the one who taught him how to sing.
  • Kagaku at one point after moving to Japan starts to hate his kingdom, which makes Hiyasa very proud.
  • Hiyasa is jealous of Osaji Uma because he's accidentally taken Hiyasa's place as Kagaku's best friend/ potential partner. 

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