Hitoshi Miku
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Feb 21 2014


Feb 21 ...




14 years or 15!




Hatsune Miku or SeeU

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Related to Mikus but Higher

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Hatsune Miku or SeeU

Hitoshi Mirai also read as in nanori (Miku) she is also known as 'Hitoshi Miku' she is a japanese vocaloid who loves to sing day, whether she is shopping or just seating outside, Hitoshi Miku had a passion in Music ever since she wasn't even born yet, which means she was born to sing. Hitoshi Miku was also a great friend with Teto and SeeU, but she also got along with Hatsune Miku! 

What does vocaloid do for fun?

Well Hitoshi Miku liked to sing or rather set down and play her piano, sometimes she would play tag with Rin and Len her two friends as well! She liked the most to sit down and think of a song, and when she thought of it she would dash to Megurine Luka and tell her the news or sometimes Hoshino Riku who she really liked!


Hitoshi Miku is a really sensitive and brave little girl, but if your telling her that her talent is boring or insulting her family tree she would at that moment cry! and is not easy to calm a sensitive person...She liked going to Sakane Meiko if she was too hysterical! Sakane Meiko made everything better and made her sometimes feel stronger or a baby!


(The Biography is at the top)

Voice configuration

Her voice is known to be as a tiny little bird, altough she was supposed to be a voice shape shifter, at that moment I changed my mind! Hitoshi Miku has a similar voice to Hatsune MIku's just faster and high pitched.

Notable media

Sorry no music...

Additional info

SeeU- Bestest friend

Miku- Bestest Friend

Rin and Len- Friend

Hoshino Riku- Just friend...

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