Hex Studios (usually HexLabs) is a fanmade Vocaloid company that makes the Gagloids, Unknownloids, and Logoloids


Hex Studios was found by Paula "Mordecai Kelly" Clementine Sinaga on 20 June 2009. A month later, Shasa "The Youngest Princess" Fakhira joined HexLabs and is promoted to president by Mordecai Kelly a week later. 3 months later, Vadya "Vanie" Novelia Ramadhani joined HexLabs and is promoted to vice president five weeks later. More people joined HexLabs on the following year. In 2012, HexLabs started a project focused on making the Gagloids, called "Project 9G". The director for this project was Shasa Fakhira. On Christmas, Project 9G was completed, and Kelly wanted a new product, so they created the Logoloids.

After the Logoloids and Gagloids became popular, they made the Unknownloids, a series for people who like the horror and Gothic Lolita theme.


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