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Hayashi Auda is a German Japanese vocaloid , she was created by MS in May 28th 2014. Hayashi Auda was thought when seeing the new vocaloid Kokone.  

How did you make her

Well, Hayashi Auda was thought very quickly! I decided to make races together and make up a mix blood vocaloid, Hayashi is the first fanmade vocaloid I made, that's mix blood! Auda was first to be a male, but then I turned it out to be a female--It was pretty weired when making a male, because I had no Idea how to creat one!

But don't worry I'll make a male soon! Hayashi Auda was actually supposed to be full German but I changed to half japanese because she is actually based on a character I  made.


Hayashi Auda is approchable and kinda crazy, If you ask me! She likes to spend her time painting trees and people, she loves her piano and plays with it sometimes.

Hayashi Auda loves to go scuba diving and playing with her best friends Rin Kagamine and Len Kagamine, they all like to taunt Luka and trick Miku! Hayashi Auda loves to eat Kaitos Ice cream and taking his scarf and telling him that it's lost!

Hayashi Auda always treats Kaito like her brother and Kaito always treats her like his sister, Miku treats Auda like a sister aswell. Meiko treats Auda like her daughter, they all treat eachother like family!

Hayashi Auda is just only 14 years old, waiting to become older and actually have fun! but she has to wait for that.

Voice configuration

Hayashi Auda has a very calm and gentle voice, but when she is really in the mood it's quiet loud and annoying....and German!


Hayashi Auda speaks German and Japanese, she is better in english then Miku and the other Vocaloids, she can actaully speak it well and knows it about 50%

Additional info

1. Miku and The Kagamine Twins

2. Shino Kaito

3. Luka

4. Gumi

5. SeeU

6. And the rest of the vocaloids

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