Hayane Lin
Biographical Information

November 17, 2012






55 inches


132 kg

Technical Information
Chara item

A compact disc


Asti Bundalian

Additional Information

Asti Bundalian


Asti Bundalian

Hayane Lin is a fanmade vocaloid made by Asti Margarett Bundalian. Asti is a Filipino-Japanese girl. She was born on October 20, 2002 in Tokyo, Japan. But now she lives in her other homeland in Manila, Philippines.


She is choosy for her outfits. So her design has a hanging jacket with a ribbon brooch embroided with a sparkly purple gem.Then she has a tube inside it that is color purple.Her skirt is made of plastics and it has a net with another gem. Her hair is purple, on a side ponytail, on the left side and the hair is finished with a CD tape.  Then her long boots are purple made with fluff. Her arm accesories are 7 inches.Her headphone is black with a design of G-clef on the left side of the headphone while F-clef on the right side.Her headphone microphone is also black with three purple streaks.Her microphone is black with a purple stand with many streaks of purple.


She's silent and shy because of her third eye. But deep down she's friendly and sweet. She has a secret crush on Utatane Piko, a Vocaloid made by SONY Corporation.


She is made by Asti after the camping of Asti. She was bored on her house so she made Hayane Lin. She still has no song so Asti just fictionalized it. Mostly her songs are about ghosts and third eye. Why? Asti, too has the ability to see through the Metaphysical world so she oassed it on to Lin.

Voice configuration

Clear but a medium pitched voice. But her voice can reach high and low pitches. Asti, her voice provider can also sing in a male and female voice. Likewise, Lin can also handle low and high voice.

Notable media

  • My third eye can't shut up!
  • Relax and don't panic

Additional info


  • She has a crush on Utatane Piko


She appeared with fanart. Asti drawn her on her iPad, Bamboo Paper, which is considered as her original art.Still, Asti is still working on Lin's MMD Model.


  • Hayane Lin is secretly crazy sometimes.
  • Asti is still working on it so please wait for additional art. Her original art will be posted on You'll be alerted when the original art has been posted.

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