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Hatsune Miku and Mikuo (derived)

Xikuo Hatsune is a Fanmade derivative of Vocaloid Hatsune Miku and Fanmade Vocaloid Hatsune Mikuo, created by RenaKerensky. The creator's actually very easy to track down, because she's also RenaKerensky on Deviantart and YouTube.

The Demonloids were actually a thing created by her and her friend on Deviantart as a joke with her Fanmade Shion, Xaito. His voice was echoey and Demonic, hence the name Demonloid.


Xikuo looks like Mikuo, but only a bit shorter with a purple ponytail that usually reaches his mid-back. He normally wears a purple short-sleeved shirt with a red tie, and black pants and detatched sleeves. In some pictures, Xikuo is seen to have slitted demonic pupils, or even green eyes. These come from Xikuo's two other "Modes", which are explained through roleplay.

He also has a tail, that looks like one of the normal cloth straps on his outfit, but with further examination, it's skin.


Xikuo's rather carefree, and gentle towards others, but due to being bound to his boyfriend, his moods change drastically and without notice. Xikuo is usually depicted by his creator as "Slightly shy at first, but is a fluffy snuggly teddybear when you get to know him". Xikuo tends to act more childish than his other siblings, liking to play games like tag, or hide-and-seek..

Xikuo also has some animalistic tendancies, very similar to a cat. When presented with something to chase, he'll do so without hesitating. He also purrs, and hisses, as well as scratches and arches his back when scared.

When seen withhis boyfriend Shiraito, he's lovable and playful, but will hurtor kill anyone whom displeases his lover. People mistake him for a Yandere, and he might very well be.


Xikuo is the Demonic (Demonloid) counterpart of Mikuo Hatsune, and considered a brother in the family. Unlike Mikuo, Xikuo prefers blood, and meats rather than leeks, yet you can usually see him eating them.


Chapter 1 of his creation Deviantart

Voice configuration

His voice is Mikuo Hatsune's, but doubled and pitched up a bit, mainly done by his creator in Audacity.

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  • Other Videos of Xikuo can be seen on RenaKerensky's profile on
  • Xikuo also has an Ask-Account on Deviantart as well.
  • Xikuo's Master also prefers not to give out his model, or him himself, due to Xikuo being her OC/ Own fanmade Derivative..
  • Do to a recent channel cleaning, there is only one Notable Song
  • The creator of this pitchloid doesn't allow video content not created by them (fan art is okay, but please don't go pitching songs for him)


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