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Hatsune Mia
Biographical Information



August 31, 1995






5.0 ft


90 lbs


Mika (formerly)


Wind in her face and clovers

Technical Information
Series type

Fanmade Vocaloid

Series no.


Chara item

A book/Hair Accessories

Additional Information

Fanmade Vocaloid(a Facebook User)


Hatsune Miku (derived)

Hatsune Mia is a fanmade Vocaloid. She and Miku are almost exactly alike. Mia likes to do her own hair sometimes. She usually has her hair down and it's usually shorter than Miku's. Unfortunately, Mia doesn't sing, but she describes her voice to be a bit higher than Miku's.


Hatsune Mia's outfit is Hatsune Miku's.


Mia and Miku are sometimes similar in personalities.(it's sometimes because Mia will change personalities at some point) Mia will only be hyper and social if she is around Kagamine Lin and Ren or some other friends. If she isn't, she will sometimes be standing/sitting alone in a corner. If she's sad, her hair will be a little lighter than usual, but you'll hardly notice.


Mia will sometimes read if she is bored. When no one is around, Mia will sing.(Super quietly) She likes to paint, too. If Kagamine Lin is around, she'll do her hair. If Kagamine Ren is around, she'll try to do his hair.(He'll block it anyway.)


Hatsune Mia was first introduced August 15, 2011. Her name was formerly Hatsune Mika, but changed it later on so that it didn't seem like she copied Hatsune Mika. Her best friends are Kagamine Lin and Ren.


  • Kind of lonely...
  • Changed her name so it doesn't look like she copied the other Mika(Green Miku).
  • Loves singing, dancing, manga, drawing, clovers, green apples, and leek ice cream

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