Hatsune MiKou is a meaner Hatsune Miku, she acts more like Zatsune Miku or could be a shadow twin of Hatsune Miku.

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Mikou Hatsune
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MiKou wears the same outfit as Hatsune Miku (but shorter skirt), but instead of teal it's purple. Her eyes are also purple and her hair is black instead of teal.


MiKou is mean and she thinks she is better then Hatsune Miku. That is why she has a red 01 on her arm, the same as Miku, as she is making fun of her. She secretly is in love with Zatsune Mikuo.


In the past MiKou and Miku entered the same music competition wich Miku won that made MiKou hold a giant grudge on Miku. She hated Miku so bad but she didn't care. After her sixteenth birthday she met Zatsune Miku that she became best friends with. They would always do pranks on Miku. She hates leeks cause once she ate a leek that had a bug on it so she started to hate leeks.



  • MiKou's saying is "I am better then Hatsune Miku"
  • MiKou doesn't like leeks. That is why her item is a red leek for saying she hates them and wants 'leeks to die'.
  • MiKou hates Hatsune Miku and would do anything to annoy her, MiKou is closer to Zatsune Miku.


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