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Hannah Kagamine
Biographical Information

August 5th, 2013


June 4th




There is no official age for her, but she is portrayed to be around 13-15


4'11" (150.86 cm)


88.6 lbs (40.188284 kg)


Hannah, HK, Hanners(A name that her sister, Michelle Kagamine came up with)

Vocal Range

Galaco: G2 - A5 Real Voice Reccomended: A1 - F4 Actual: F1 - C5

Technical Information
Chara item

There is no official item for her


Derivative of Galaco

Opt genre

No specifics

Additional Information

Would like to remain anonymous


Would like to remain anonymous

Hannah Kagamine was created on August 5th, 2013, her creator would like to remain anonymus.  (The editor/creator of this page is User:HannahKagamine11)


Hannah's offical design is a water themed dress the same length as Galaco's, a black jacket with a hood, and knee high water themed boots. Her apperance is very long hair which color can vary from yellow platnum blond to yellow orange blond, ruby red eyes, and her bangs are rainbow colored(Excluding indigo). Unlike her sister, Galaco, Hannah does not have a crown, a belt, or triangles on her outfit, she does not have two split colors in her hair, and she does not have only three multicolored bangs. Currently, there is no offical item for her.


Hannah's creator imagined her to be slightly immature, very intellegent, but can be a bit of an air head at times, and very mysterious. She is a very kind person who likes to help. She has a temper, but she knows how to control it very well, there is a limit for how mad you can make her, but it isn't likely that anyone will see it.


Hannah's creator fell in love with Galaco's voice and design, so she decided to draw a picture of herself as Galaco, and that's where Hannah was created. Her creator took one of her friend's first names and used it as her first name, and since she adored the Kagamines, she decided to use their last name for her last name, and that's where her name came from.

Voice configuration

Hannah was originally a derivative of Galaco, but it didn't work out as well as her creator had planned. Her creator does not own Galaco, but she wanted Hannah to sound higher piched, younger. She tried many other Vocaloids, including Mayu, Gumi, SeeU, Yuzuki Yukari, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len,and VY1(V3). Finally, she tried Galaco again, and it eventually worked. There are plans for Hannah to sing herself, but currently they are unoffical. Hannah's creator still frequently uses Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len for her.

Additional info


  • Sisters: Galaco, Michelle Kagamine
  • Cousins: Mayln Starly (May-lin Star-lie) (Mayln Starly Has not been officaly created yet)
  • Crush: Currently unknown
  • Best Friends: SeeU, CUL
  • Dislikes: VY1


  • She has fanart on DeviantART
  • There is a story including her on DeviantART
  • There is a YouTube video for her


  • You may see her without water theme in her outfit, but you will never see her without black in her outfit, whether it's shoes, a ribbon, a hair clip, or earrings.
  • Hannah's creator considered making her 17, but she thought, "That's way too old for her! She looks a lot younger!"



  • There has been a rumor about Hannah being Galaco when she was younger; for example, Meiko and Meiko Sakine. As of now, this rumor has not been confirmed.


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