Chibi Miku or Hannah is a add on Hatsune Miku character.She is alot younger than the rest.


Instead of blue like Hatsune and Little Miku(Helen),she wears pink but has blue


She is very curious and hyper in her needs.


Once Miku came home,she was showing KAITO her home when she founded Hannah with a cat version of Yowane Haku.When she was alone with Miku,Miku adopted her first then later people call her Petite Miku instead of Hannah.(For Hellen it's Chibi or Little Miku.)


This model appears in Vocaloid MMD,Youtube,and some videos

Voice configuration

Hannah has Hatsune Miku but higher.

Notable songs

__List what songs the character has sung__ __No voice bank(?), then make up songs (fictionalize it)__


  • Hannah is a Chibiloid
  • Hannah is may a child/sister
  • Hannah is a minor female
  • Helen and Hannah can have some likes or not.


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