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Haine Lin by Unknown
Haine Lin
Biographical Information

May 23, 2009






Lin Haine(Western Order)



Technical Information
Series no.


Chara item

Daisy Flower

Additional Information

Kagamine Rin (Derived)

Haine Lin is the dark and/or monochrome version of Rin Kagamine, she sings in a lower key than Rin.


Her hair is styled like Rin's with a few differences. It is black instead of the bright blonde of Rin, and the bow on her head is slightly soiled and drooping. Her eyes are a grey instead of the bright sky blue of Rin's, and the clothing is recolored to grey and black.


Lin is soft spoken and shy girl with a tendency to stammer when she is nervous. She is hopelessly optimistic .


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Notable songs

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  • Many users compare her to Rui Kagene due to her dark color scheme and the fact that she is a derivative of Rin Kagamine.
  • Haine Lin is an example of a pitchloid.


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