Hagane Rebels
General Information

August 1, 2012


Notable color, design, items etc.

  • Haganeloid
  • Haganerebel
  • Nega-H-type


Technical Information
Optimum genre

screamo, rock, hardcore,symphonicmetal, death metal, nu metal, black metal,

Additional Information



Each other, Negloid

Hagane Rebels are a series of Haganeloids that do not follow Hagane Miku. This series is created by User:Hinata73 and in connection with User:Crimsonprankster, making them close friends with the Negloids. And the groups do intertwine with each other on some occasions with User:Monty1st as well.


Hagane Rebels usually have a Gothic or Emo appearance. Their outfits are commonly fishnets, spiked accessories, and long sleeves. Their foot wear consist of platform or combat boots. Their traits are typically some kind of mental issue or just psychopathic, they all serve Aku Kyoukine.

They feel connected with other Haganeloids, however, they don't feel as confident as the originals.


Rebel haganeloids were created as original characters not looking like any of the original Vocaloids.

Hagane Rebel on Fanloid Wiki

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Series type
List: Types of (title)loids

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