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Fuyona Meiwaku is the fail version of Vocaloid Aoki Lapis.


She has fairly long grey hair that turns to a dull purple at the tips. Her bangs cover most of her face. She wears a white top that is similar to Aoki Lapis's ( Which is too small on her ), A blue skirt, white socks and dull purple boots. She wears a gem in her hair that gives her a short side ponytail.


She does not speak unless spoken to. She worries about herself being too thin alot.


She dislikes singing or using her voice in any way. She'd rather sit in a corner and eat.


She has yet to have any videos featuring her.

Voice configuration

Meiwaku's voice is down 12 pitches of Lapis's voice.

Notable songs

Turn Me On - Fuyona Meiwaku V3

Circus Monster - Fuyoka Meiwaku

Rolling Girl ( ft Fuyoka Meiwaku )



Fuyona Meiwaku - VOYAKILOID 3

Fuyona Meiwaku (Conceito 4) por UtaGeek524

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