James234 Fumetsu2013
Biographical Information

April 11, 2013






7 mos. (timewise)

20 yrs. (modelwise)


5' 9"

Technical Information
Series type


Series no.


Chara item

Pepsi MAX Bottle


ImmortalHD (Aleksandr "Aleks" Vitaly)

Opt genre


Additional Information

James Beesley


James Beesley


Dating: Kitsune Ryoken

Best Friends: Other Vocaloid4s

Other Friend: Ne Towaku

Fumetsu (不滅) is a 20 year old Vocaloid. He is the 3rd Vocaloid4, and is based off of the famous YouTUBER, ImmortalHD.


Fumetsu's color is Blue. He has medium length, fluffy black hair with a grey beanie. He has heterochromia (mismatched eyes). The right is brown, and the left is light blue. He's 5' 9", and is the 2nd shortestest Vocaloid4 (being ahead of Umi-Oji  by 4 inches) He wears the traditional Vocaloid outfit, and his sleeves are based on the Nobs with a bunch of real knobs and metal panels covering them. His headset is blue and light blue, and is based off of Optimus Prime.


Fumetsu is almost the complete opposite of his best friend,and boyfriend, Kitsune Ryoken. He's a very shy person who rarely talks,even to his close friends. He comes from a bad past, and often looks down on himself because of it. He loves singing, but doesn't like to in public unless Kitsune's with him.


Fumetsu was made by a High-School girl who wanted a perfect boyfriend. She wasn't very smart, and made a lot of errors, causing his shy personality and mismatched eyes. She deemed him as "flawed" and tossed him out to the streets. After wandering, Fumetsu soon met Kitsune, who also suffered from a bad past. After a chance meeting with Bisuri Shimesa, the 3 became really close, and soon, Shimesa introdused them to the Vocaloids. After they showed the Vocaloids their love of singing, they were quickly accepted, and soon got very close to the other 'loids. They met new students Tokkyu Shinsei and Umi-Oji within the next week and introdused them to the 'loids as well, causing more singing action, and more new members to the Vocaloid4 family!


  • Fumetsu's currently in a boy x boy relationship with Kitsune.
  • Fumetsu knows 3 languages. English, Japanese, and Russian.
  • Even being with a loving boyfriend, and really close best friends, Fumetsu still looks down on himself after being thrown out, thinking he's not "good enough"
  • Fumetsu's "number" isn't actually numbers. Instead his number is HD. (derived from ImmortalHD)
  • Fumetsu has an arm tattoo just like the person he's based from, but the sleeves on his outfits cover them partially. (space themed.)


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