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Fujimura Miu a 16 yrs old pop singer that is beautiful and cold + kindness she is mostly also very shy she is also a very,very,very, million times very close freind BFFFFFFFFFFF to Miku Hatsune sadly Miku found Rin and Len Kagmine.. and she got very sad and ashamed- but Miku found her and discoverd that they were freinds since they were 2yrs old..

No disigns

I am so sorry + this is MADE BY Clementine Shaanika


Fujimura Miu is Kind + shy which = kindshy anyways she likes to be somtimes in the dark hidden away from the camera but Miku always brings her back to the camera she sings...but when it was her first time singing she stood still for 15 minutes...


Miu has many histories behind her and went throw pain, fun, joy. She remebers the part when she screamed at miku and rin and stomped away..she even remebers when she told rin that they would never be friends because she stold her life and sister..miku.. and when she came crying to len and len helped her, she loved len alot and always told him her problems..but she stilled loved rin and miku..they played when they were 5yrs old and when she was sick vey sick and she was at the hospital miku would be theircrying and holding her hand and saying wake up...

Voice configuration

She was made from a vocaloid voicebank she has a high pitched soft voice

Notable media

she will be singing this songs

-World is mine

-circle you

-I'll be there for you feautured with Miku hatsune

Additional info


Miku olld freinds , Rin,Len...


See her  on Divineart, Zerochan,MDD and more 


  • She has a doll of miku
  • has a puppy named Mei
  • and has twintails that are white 
  • Hologramic skirt around her weights 


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