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Fruscia is the failure version of Prima.


She wears a newsboy cap and trenchcoat, both in a light blue color. She wears a white collared shirt underneath, and a lighter blue tie. Fruscia wears white pants tucked into blue rainboots, as well.


A quiet and soft spoken type of person that actually loves to sing but she always rejected because of her very low voice that always lost to the instrument or the other singer. Even sometimes people can't hear what's she's saying when she talks normally. She coughs hard when she tries to talk or sing louder. She's in constant danger of losing her voice if she keeps trying to sing high-pitched songs.


She admires everyone for their singing abilites. Also caring for her fellow Voyakiloids she always try to smile and be nice to everyone. But she gets easily scared to see people shouting and screaming at each other.


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