! Hey~! This page documents an official Fanloid Wiki policy~!

It is a widely accepted standard that should normally be followed by all editors.
This policy in a nutshell states:

  • Fanloid Wiki is not Wikipedia
  • Fanloid Wiki is not an official affiliate of Vocaloid
  • Fanloid Wiki is not an official source of Fanmade Vocaloids
  • Fanloid Wiki is not an advertisement service
  • Fanloid Wiki is not a image or video hosting site
  • Fanloid Wiki is not a recognized social networking site or communications center

Changes to these policies should be proposed and discussed in this → forum.

The Fanloid Wiki is not...

The Fanloid Wiki is not Wikipedia, although a few of the articles may have content from wikipedia, we only document things which are related to Vocaloid and Fanmade Vocaloids, so instead of linking to a page here on another subject (eg: Naruto references in a page about something that spoofs Naruto) use an interwiki link to link to an article on Wikipedia about the subject. The same form of linking applies to other Wikia wiki.
Fanloid Wiki is not an official site
The Fanloid Wiki is not in no way whatsoever officially connected to YAMAHA Corporation; Audio companies that produce Vocaloid. The general purpose of this wiki is to be a resource and community site on the subject of Fanmade Vocaloids. Even if this wiki becomes a go-to source of information on various kinds of fanmades and other histories, this wiki is not anymore official than another wiki or website containing similar information on the same subject.
an Advertisement service
The Fanloid Wiki is to be used for community editing. The additions of Vocaloid and Fanmade Vocaloid-related websites and media are welcomed. If you intend to place your personal website on your Userpage do know that it must be considered safe and adhere to the TOU of Wikia.
an Image hosting site or file repository
Main article: Fanloid Wiki:Policy/Images
User's are expected to upload images that are intended to be used for the wiki or would benefit a page. The Fanloid Wiki isn't a place for you to upload multiple copyrighted images to create some kind of personal gallery, userpages can only have personal images externally embedded. If you want to display various artwork or off topic content, then you can link from a real image host.
Recommended Image Host: Photobucket, Tinypic, or Imgur.
how to adjust the position of embedded images

simple <div align="center / left / right">http://image link here.jpg</div>


{| border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" 
style="float:right; width:120px; border-collapse:collapse; background-color: #fff;"
| ||http://image link here.jpg

image hotlink template

| image    = <url>
| position = <left/right>
| caption  = <text>
a Video hosting site or go-to Playlist
User's are requested to not upload videos of themselves, of others, their music or anything else that's not an actual video for use within an article to the Fanloid Wiki, this isn't a place for you to link your playlist to your userpage. You want to link a video site or real playlist site without embedding? Then that is fine, however, do know that it must be considered safe and adhere to the TOU of Wikia.
a recognized Social network, a Profile, Journal, or Rant Site
Main article: Fanloid Wiki:Policy/User Page
The Fanloid Wiki is not a place for you to make a profile so you can tell other people about 'private details' of your personal life or about other peoples business and groups. If you want to link to your various online profiles, then this is preferred, however if your profile is not considered safe or is unacceptable by Wikia then it will be removed.
Interaction with the community is welcomed, however, there are websites that specialize to this type of service. Wikia is not one of them.
Guestbook or Communications center
Main article: Special:Forum
The Fanloid Wiki is not an area for your online friends to post a name and a comment excessively on your page, this is inappropriate for the wiki and can cause unnecessary flooding of the recent changes. Please use this devoted website for signing activities: Wikia Guestbook.

Fanloid Wiki does not belong to anyone

The following points come from Wikia:Ownership, which is an official policy of Wikia and also encompasses Fanloid Wiki:

  • The site itself, and the Wikia trademarks, are owned by Wikia, Inc.. Vocaloid, and its trademarks, are owned by Yamaha and other respective companies in relation to it.
  • The copyright of a particular edit is owned by the person who made that edit. However if a person doesn't want their writing to be edited mercilessly or redistributed by others, they should consider not submitting it.
  • The wikis are owned by the communities. No one user owns any wiki. Founders are those who requested a wiki be created (or have adopted it), but ownership of that wiki resides with the community as a whole, not only with the founder. Similarly, no bureaucrat or administrator may claim proprietorship over the wiki. While current Fanloid Wiki admin(s) have extra tools in comparison to non-sysop editors, it is just something to help edit the wiki better and keep it in order.

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