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About Vocaloid Fanon

Vocaloid Fanon or fan fiction refers to the practice of writing new stories based on existing and/or new characters for the pre-existing Vocaloid universe. Many fans write fanon for the purposes of romance, popularly known as "shipping".

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What's new on Vocaloid Fanon

September 11, 2011
Vocaloid Fanon portal is created

Making an announcement? Click here. Make sure your additions respect the layout, and date format.

Attention Fanon fandom

To sort these fanon images into a category, consider the following [[Category:Images of Various Subjects]]. Take notice that just because an image is online and on someones site, it doesn't mean they want that image and its information displayed elsewhere. You should get permission to copy the information to this wiki before creating a page. The exception, images that were created with the intention of being used by the public, like Wikimedia Commons for example.
See Image Guidelines for the rule set and advice.

Images on Fanon

  1. Official Vocaloid artwork and Vocaloid Fanart uploaded solely for fanon must comply with the aforementioned image policy in regards of usage, sourcing, formats and cropping, etc.;
    1. Images solely used for fanon must have a "fanon" license in the imagebox.
  2. Images for pages such as fanon should start with "Image of" then the subject of the image.
    This: Image_of_Subject. The idea is something like this "Image_of_Flower_Garden.jpg".
  3. If an image(s) used in fanon is removed or deleted for whatever reason, then those images cannot be re-uploaded. Doing so will be considered a violation.


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