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Hatsune Miki is Hatsune Miku's older sister. Her VOCALOID number is 05!




Her theme is a little different than her sisters, She has one ponytail holder like her sisters but it is on the right only, making her hair look like Akita Neru's. Her dress is somewhat like Dawn's from Pokemon, but instead of pink, white, and black, it's black and blue. She wears black gloves with the fingers cut-out, and a star necklace. Her socks are past knee-highs and they are blue with black at the top.


Miki is known by Miku's friends as a rude person, but really, Miki's a nice girl with an attitude always trying to beat Miku as a diva. She's always wanted someone to admire her for who she really is but no one does.


Miki was told by various people that she would be the first virtual diva before Miku. But that changed when Miku came along. They liked Miku better and Miki came out 5 VOCALOIDS after Miku. Furious, Miki ran off. She now hates her little sister.


No apperances yet

Voice configurationEdit

Her voice is like Yowane Haku's, just a tiny bit lower

Notable songsEdit

She will sing Tell your world soon


  • Her name was suspossed to be Midori, but it was changed due to someone already having a Midori Hatsune
  • Her voice is basically Haku's


[1]Miki Hatsune

Kakia Loki is vocaloid 101 and she wears black and green she is Akita Neru's sister. :)

She sings different songsshe sings like Akita neru but much more sqeaker.

Kakia is a very sweet girl. Never ever push her buttons.She could go from sweet to rotten.her favorite thing to say is"hmm...I never noticed."


All I have to do is type things and make sure everything is spelled correctly and have punctional grammar. The reason why, is because the fan-wikia has NO auto-correcting device, so therefor, I am on my own.

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