! Hey~! This page documents an official Fanloid Wiki policy~!

It is a widely accepted standard that should normally be followed by all editors.
This policy in a nutshell states:

  • Courteous considerations for user pages
  • Details the rules on the Creation, maintaining, and use of User pages
  • What Fanloid Wiki is not

Changes to these policies should be proposed and discussed in this → forum.

A User page is a Wikia profile, it can be generated automatically on each Wikia wiki you contribute to. Each wiki has its own policy on profiles, and here is Fanloid Wiki policies. Users are free to create a user page in the User: Namespace about themselves as long as it does not interfere with Fanloid Wiki and they are actually registered and active under that user name.

  • Unless it is necessary and exceptions are made, Do Not edit someone's User page!! The editing of pages unannounced is largely done by the current administrator of the wiki for the purpose correcting content or removing unacceptable content.

  • Do not use the User page as some kind of image gallery for thousands of images that involve everything fanmade related and non-fanmade related. If you have a lot of drawings you want to show, consider getting a deviantART (or other art site) account and leave a link to your gallery page. You can, however, showcase your characters, your story illustrations etc or others peoples characters that are currently uploaded.

    When it comes to personal images or images that will be of no use to the wiki, please use a real image host. However, if you are more comfortable with the Wikia options of displaying personal images then please read the user image policy first, and understand that only three personal uploads are allowed. Users are allowed to display any current article images for user page purposes. The Fanloid Wiki is not an image hosting site or file repository for random images; this goes for videos and playlist as well, which must be embedded with an html code.

  • The Fanloid Wiki is not a place for you to make a profile so you can tell other people about 'private details' of your personal life or about other peoples business and groups. If you want to link to your various online profiles, then this is preferred, however if your profile is not considered safe or is unacceptable by Wikia then it will be removed. There is also the User blog to consider if you are certain you want people to know you or know what you are currently doing.

  • If you are an 'active contributor' then you should try to contribute more to articles and expanding this wiki than constantly updating about 'every aspect' of yourself on your User page, the exception would be you editing to showcase your projects and characters. The Fanloid Wiki obviously welcomes interaction with the community, however, there are websites that specialize in social networking service. Wikia is not one of them.

  • No blacklists of other users. Users should not make a list of users they dislike or wish to discredit on their user page. Fanloid Wiki should keep a positive editing environment and users should not blast other users on their user page. The likely scenario of an official Fanloid Wiki Blacklist is if a User has 'intentionally' violated a policy, at that point they (and their characters) are no longer welcomed on this wiki.

User talk Page

  • Unless it is necessary and exceptions are made, Never edit someone's comment!!. The acceptable exceptions would be: to align a comment by adding the appropriate dots or to use the {{Unsigned}} template. There can be additional reasons, only if you discuss or summarize it.

  • Never remove a User warning template from your User page or anyone else's page, removing a Vandalism or Block notice, in an attempt to cover up previous activities, can result in another warning of higher level. Only when you have corrected your ways will the templates be removed from your user page.

    User warnings are placed at the top of a user page because of a violation of the rules, and serve as a reminder to keep within them. Additionally, user warnings are cumulative so removal would interfere with that process. If warnings begin to clutter the page, they will simply be placed inside of a box designed to separate warnings from content. If you believe someone has placed a user warning on your page for a unjust reason, contact a Active Fanloid Wiki Administrator.


  • You can use the default Template:Infobox for your User page. The idea for User boxes will be determined later, ideas and suggestions are encouraged.

  • Blog entries are great for communicating with the community and contributors. Creating blog entries for spam or vulgar purposes will be deleted. Entries should be beyond a few words, at least put effort into expanding the subject you chose. It is understandable that 'first time' entries are always short and to the point.

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