! Hey~! This page documents an official Fanloid Wiki policy~!

It is a widely accepted standard that should normally be followed by all editors.
This policy in a nutshell states:

  • No Bullying or Harassment
  • No Insulting Other Peoples' Race, Religion, Nation, Color, Or Gender
  • No Offensive content, Inappropriate images, Explicit words and Disturbing content
  • No Creating Accounts For Vandalism Purpose aka (Sockpuppets)
  • No Using Fanloid to break Yamaha (or other companies) 'Terms of Use' when it comes to using their products

This policy states

  • Bullying is an act of repeated aggressive behavior in order to intentionally hurt another person, physically or mentally. [1]
Going out of your way to intimidate or harass a fellow contributor can and will result in being blocked. If there is an argument and neither party will back down, then it is likely an admin will step in to settle the situation. There are times when someone will take a comment the wrong way and accuse another of harassment, often they will reply to their said harasser in an emotional manner. Even taking the explanation as another form of harassment, an admin can step into help defuse the situation if it escalates.

  • Racism is taken VERY seriously and will not be allowed to be expressed on Fanloid Wiki. People will be allowed to show that their proud to be something, but people cannot namecall people or bully them because of their race, religion, sex, color, and nation. [2]

  • Offensive content, inappropriate images, explicit words and disturbing content are not allowed anywhere on Fanloid Wiki, let alone Wikia in general. This wiki caters to an audience of at least the standard PG-13 rating. If you have issues about or are unsure what constitutes as inappropriate, then contact the administrator of this Wiki or contact Wikia staff.

  • You are allowed to create multiple accounts, as long as you use them properly. Spare accounts for a purpose of breaking the rules are called sockpuppets. Using one account to be civil while using another to be uncivil will not be tolerated.

  • Presenting illegal information that result in breaking Yamaha (or other companies) 'Terms of Use' is disrespectful. Please support the companies by legally purchasing their products. If you can not afford Vocaloid software, there is always UTAU. But know that your work and characters must go to the UTAU wiki in that case.


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  2. Songpedia polices

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