! Hey~! This page documents an official Fanloid Wiki policy~!

It is a widely accepted standard that should normally be followed by all editors.

Discussion is an important part of Fanloid Wiki. It is used to discuss any improvements or significant variations to the page. Discussion should be used before making major changes to articles, changing profile images, or moving a page.

Changes to these policies should be proposed and discussed in this → forum.


There are conventions in any discussion, article discussion or not:

  • Signing - Users must sign their comments. This can be done by typing four tildes (~~~~) at the end of their post, or by clicking the signature button.
  • Use of appropriate language - Personal attacks will not be tolerated. Users must not abuse other users, or attempt to silence their views. Showing prejudice or animosity towards users with differing beliefs is unacceptable. Treat other users civilly at all times.
  • New heading for new topic - Users should make a new heading for each new discussion topic.
  • Related to the article only - The article talk pages are only for discussing the contents and upkeep of the article itself. Please place all general comments and queries in the forums and blogs. Any such posts on the article talk pages will be removed.
  • Do not alter any post that is not your own, unless it is to remove abusive content, or content that otherwise violates the Fanloid Wiki or Wikia policy.
  • Do not edit a closed discussion - Do not continue a discussion that was hereby closed. If you wish it to be reopened, contact an admin stating clearly your reasons. It is at the discretion of the admin whether or not they reopen the discussion.

Never delete talk page posts. Exceptions to this rule include: When the criteria on the talk page has nothing to do with the page content and posts containing extremely bad language or spoilers. Discussion pages that are too long (that is, they have many sections/separate discussions) should be archived, since older browsers cannot edit these longer pages properly.

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