! Hey~! This page documents an official Fanloid Wiki policy~!

It is a widely accepted standard that should normally be followed by all editors.
This policy in a nutshell states:

  • A ' how to ' set up a Fanmade character and series pages.
  • Page layouts are 'not' set in stone and can be arranged however you like.
  • Be aware that layouts must be easy on the reader and at any moment the administrator or trusted contributor has the right to edit a page in terms of orderliness.

The article defines a basic set up of how Fanmade character pages are formatted.

To load a layout, Copy then Paste the following onto a blank page and click Publish.
{{subst:Fanloid article/preload}}
{{subst:Fanloid series article/preload}}

Quick guide

Below is a quick guide. The equal sign is called a ==Header==. The __HERE__ text, is where you will add your information, which is below the headers.





==Media featuring <PAGE NAME>==

==<PAGE NAME> on Fanloid wiki==


==External links==


Explaining the layout


The infobox template is placed at the start of a page.

Every character page must have an Infobox. Any character page found without an infobox will be edited by the Admin.
Template:Infobox Fanloid

See template's page for parameters.


This is where you write up the introduction for the character or character group.

  • For the character pages the intro is preferably short and to the point since the concept section will be taking up that task. However if the character requires more explanation then please, feel free to extend the intro.


This is where you write up the personality and biography(history) for the character or character group.

  • For the character pages, for example, type about the character temperament, notable quirks, traits etc.
  • For the character pages the history can include, for example, their back story or how they came into being developed by the creator, or even about their current life etc.


This is where you write about the character's name.

  • For example, why was the name given? What are the origins? How is it pronounced etc.


This is where you write up the appearance for the character or character group.

  • For the character pages, type about their physical appearance and break down their attire and accessories.


This is where you write up the list or commentary about the character(s) relationships.

  • Significant other(s), relatives, friends, foe (enemies, rivals) etc.
  • Doesn't necessarily have to be character-to-character related.

Media featuring <PAGE NAME>

This is normally where one would raw link to a source of media for a Fanloid, however, it is a free section that can include:

  • Any kind of data, such as graphics, images, audio and video.
  • Original stories, fanfics, made-up songs, fake song lists, etc.

<PAGE NAME> on Fanloid wiki

This is where to list a group of characters under a single series name.


This is where you can accumulate multiple images or even videos.

Standard gallery code

<gallery hideaddbutton=true caption="__Gallery Name__">
Image here|Caption here

Slideshow gallery code

<gallery hideaddbutton=true type="slideshow" widths="240" position="left">
Image here|Caption here

External links

Any links to other pages with relevance to the subject may be placed here. Please use list format an asterisk (* and a space is placed before the link, then any comments after the link.)


  • See Category help page for tips and see Category:Fanloid for the full listings. Note that you can put a page into more than one category.

What to do and what not to do:

  • ' Do ' properly categorize your character.
  • ' Do ' make suggestions for categories and discuss the creation of additional categories.
  • ' Do Not ' categorize User pages into the Fanloid category, it will be removed.
  • ' Do Not ' categorize your character into another users personal category without their permission.

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