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May 18, 2016

-- Bunai82 (talk) is doing a complete overhaul of the Fanloid wiki.

  • The focus will be simplifying the wiki policies so they will no longer be as lengthy.
  • The "List of:" pages will be shrunken down to just names.
  • Portable infoboxes have been created. They are much simpler to work with.
  • Page layout is still up to the creator, however, there are {{PreloadPage}} pages for those who want to use them.

Things to know

  • I have been busy maintaining the Vocaloid wiki and my primary wiki so my maintenance here has slowed down, apologies.
  • Those who want to contributor must create a Wikia account and sign into the wiki.

Thank you for your visit.

  • Here are some more pages you will find useful:
  • Policy - know that vandalizing articles could lead to you being blocked for a certain amount of time, so please respect the Wiki.
  • Image policy - should be read in full before you make any attempts at uploading.
  • Manual of Style / Page Layout - a guide to how articles here are organized and written
  • FAQ - some frequently asked questions
  • What Fanloid Wiki is not, Understand that any spam articles and imagery will be deleted.

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