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Fanloid Wiki is a collaborative website about the original and derivative characters relating to the Vocaloid program. The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to create the site. There are 1,669 articles and growing.

Fanloid (commonly abbreviated from Fanmade Vocaloid) are Vocaloid inspired characters, created by the Vocaloid fandom. This wiki will attempt to build a community for people who like to create fanmades and also attempt to expand from Vocaloid wiki, since that wiki has become more focused on official information.

Apologies for the current state of this wiki which is going through growing pains. There are many articles that are not up-to-date, organized or contain information that has been properly checked. If there are any questions please contact the current admin User:Bunai82.

Asian text: Notice that this Wiki uses Japanese Kanji and Kana on many pages, including other Asian fonts. If you see a bunch of question marks, symbols or squares, then you do not have Asian language enabled. Consult your operating system help guide for more instructions or check out Using Japanese language on your computer | More details in Wikipedia | Multilingual support.

Also do take care with the information here because some may not be researched or is currently in the process of being gathered. A lot of 'found fanmades' will have information that will result in changes to a page's content depending on the characters history.

What's new on Fanloid Wiki

May 18, 2016

-- Bunai82 (talk) is doing a complete overhaul of the Fanloid wiki.

  • The focus will be simplifying the wiki policies so they will no longer be as lengthy.
  • The "List of:" pages will be shrunken down to just names.
  • Portable infoboxes have been created. They are much simpler to work with.
  • Page layout is still up to the creator, however, there are {{PreloadPage}} pages for those who want to use them.

Things to know

  • I have been busy maintaining the Vocaloid wiki and my primary wiki so my maintenance here has slowed down, apologies.
  • Those who want to contributor must create a Wikia account and sign into the wiki.

Thank you for your visit.

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Suggestions / Ideas / Discussion are Welcomed!
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What can you do...

  • Discuss the wiki and fanmades in the Forum!
  • If you are new to wikis, check Getting Started
  • View a listing of commonly used Templates on this wiki.
  • Make a blog entry your '"Project List", a list of things to do, character ideas or pages to create et cetera.
  • Help fellow contributors by spell checking, grammar corrections, categorizations etc.

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Proposed Vocaloid pages: Post on these lists if you don't have a complete or thought out character concept and require help.

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Other Fanmade Vocaloid wikis

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Japanese site that keeps track of Fanmades

Did you know?

  • Haku Yowane is a joke to users who failed at making Hatsune Miku sing well.
  • Neru Akita is a joke at trolls within the Vocaloid fandom. Her original purpose however, is far more controversial...
  • The UTAU Kasane Teto was originally put out as a Vocaloid by her owner as an April Fools joke.

Attention Fanloid fandom

  • The work of others

It is not wise to blatantly copy another creator's work without permission and then claiming that the series and characters you took belong to you. Additional advice, get proper permission, credit your sources and at least attempt to create an original series and characters yourself.

This kind of behavior is disrespectful and often leads to unnecessary fighting within the fandom, so it's a issue in its own right. Even if you just simply recolor someone's character and attempt to title it as something else, it still does not belong to you unless the original holder allows it. There are obvious exceptions when it comes to the official Vocaloids, as companies understand that the fandom enjoys creating derivatives of their characters. Other reasons are when it just can't be helped that some characters can end up being similar to one another.

Do not use someones artwork without permission. However, if the image is for fair use (and created for public use) then it is fine to use, but if not then please respect the artist and leave the image on their site.

Blatantly copied works are not yours. Please remember the original creator's right. Some of the works are also registered and protected under copyright laws and simply recoloring them could land you in a bit of trouble if unfairly used. Hopefully this will Not come to be.


FANMADE VOCALOID series and characters are property of their creators. All related titles, logos, images and characters are ™ and © of their respective owners. Vocaloid 2004–2018 Yamaha Corporation.
All Rights Reserved. Original Presentation 2010–2011 Fanloid Wiki.


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