We are many, we are strong, we are one, we are Doom and Chaos!!!!

The Doomloid and Chaosloid are a Group of Powerful Fanloids who were Originally Created by the Demonloid Xaito's Mind causing him to Vomit his Demonic Blood and Forming it into Humanoid like Beings who are far stronger and Invulnerable than any other Fanloids.



Doomloid Akumaito Shion


Doomloids are known to be Xaito's Negative Energy and where Created by his Negative Thoughts, this Group are known to be True Demons or Monsters, there Voice can Cause Dissasters and Sudden Destruction, but they can be Control and loyal to there Masters as there friends or Servants.


Chaosloids are far more Different than the Doomloids, chaosloids can act in there free will and they have total Control on there self's they do not Obey they don't need Friends they are known to be Anti Social and They Blame Xaito For That and There Voice Won't Cause Disasters only Madness to the ones who hear it ( not Really True that they all be Driven to Madness )  


There Existence where Created by the Negative Energy of the Current Vocaloids and Originally this was Started when Xaito was influenced by Destruction Creating the First Doomloid and this start the Creation of the Doomloids and Chaosloid, the Second Doomloid will be Created will be Created by Hagane Miku soon making more Members with there Minds The Birth of Hatred will tell the tale of this Group of Purely Destructive Beings of Music,

The Birth of Hatred

The birth of Hatred tells the story on how did the Doomloids and Chaosloids where formed,(the Birth of Hatred is still not finish)

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