RenaKerensky Demonloids
General Information

Demonic Theme, usually colored with Purple, Black, and Red with bright eye colors

Technical Information

Doubled their originals

Additional Information






Demonloids are derivatives of Vocaloids, whom have Demonic voice edits, created by RenaKerensky. These Vocaloids are created with the permission of RenaKerensky.


Demonloids usually have purple or black hair and bright-colored eyes, though usually red.


Demonloids were originally created as a joke between User:RenaKerensky and a friend of her's, regarding a Shion that RenaKerensky had made (Xaito Shion), and called him a "Demonloid", because of his doubled voice, and his oddly vampiric personality.

Soon more fanmade Vocaloids were made like him, each from different Vocaloids..

Demonloids are usually found on youtube, though only Notable Demonloids (Demonloids who have more than one video, and aren't Utaus) are shown here.

Demonloids on Fanloid Wiki



Can easily be found on RenaKerensky's Youtube and Deviantart page.


  • The creator of Demonloids, User:RenaKerensky didn't actually come up with the name, but instead a friend of her's did.
  • Originally, the only planned Demonloid to be released to Deviantart was Xaito Shion
  • Demonloids are a Series of Fanloids ONLY shown in Deviantart Tumblr and Youtube..
  • Not all Demonloids are created by RenaKerensky.. Some are actually made by her friends as well.
  • There are 39 Demonloids and counting.. Only a few have been shown on Youtube, and all 39 have Ask-Accounts on Deviantart..
  • All "original" Demonloids (Demonloids based on Vocaloid characters), have doubled voices of their originals, I.E, Xen Zagamine's voice is a double version of Len Kagamine, and so-on..

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