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Cure Alkira
Biographical Information

May 25, 2013


March 28, 2013






5'1ft (154 cm)


85 lbs (39 kg)


Alkira Cure

Technical Information
Series type


Chara item

Cake and Katana


Miku Hatsune

Additional Information

Neru-chan95 (link:


various artists???

Cure Alkira Cure is a an 18 year old fanloid who has older-twin brother named Core Alkira and an older sister named Care Alkira. Cure's name originates from her personality. Due to her kindness and friendliness, she wants to spread those heartwarming feelings, through singing and actions, to all people so that their hearts can healed and cured.


She is known for her trademark, which is her unique four purple ponytails (due to complexities, she can have back hair with on set of ponytail or two sets of ponytails). With inclusion of her four ponytails, she also have a very long purple back hair. She has magenta (or purple) eyes. Her blouse is similar to Haku's in the sense that full stomach shows. She wears detached sleeves (long most of the time). The lower half of her outfit is similar to Neru's except she wears skinny pants below her skirt and wear knee-length boots. Her theme color is mainly pink and purple. Although not always seen clearly, she has her number, c-02, on her right shoulder.


Cure is a girl who is always filled with positive energy. She always smiles no matter what. She will always do her best to help others, whether she is deemed helpful or not by others. She does not care if she is a fanloid. She does not care if she is minor compared to anyone else. She will be determined to ensure a smile upon people's face, whether they are friends, "enemies", or even strangers. Despite this though, she can be a crybaby and can get scared easily. There will be times where we will hide before her older twin brother, Core Alkira. She is very skilled at using the Katana. She loves cake to no ends. She will continuously eat cakes and never get fat.

Voice configuration

Cure Alkira voice is a upper pitch of Hatsune Miku in upper pitch F#/Gb. Her voice kinda sound like Akita Neru High pitch version.

Additional info


Because of her slowness in processing romance, she mostly see all of her friends as friends or brothers/sisters. She also gets affectionate towards cuteness, which will cause her to hug anyone affectionately (like Len for example). Sometimes her affections can be mistaken as romantic interest, which can cause some troubles at times.


  • the "c" in c-02 represents Cure being a Cureloid. Cureloids are fanloids who's sole purpose is protect hearts adn souls of people from darkness. Cureloids will stop at nothing heal ppl emotions and lead them away from any means of negativity. Although Cure is the first fanloid to be created, her series number is c-02 as she is the youngest of the Alkira twins with Core, the older twin, having series number c-01 on his left shoulder.
  • She can play piano


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