Cota Kasane is a fanmade vocaloid who lives in Alaska, based off of Kasane Teto, and is her 9 year old brother.


Cota wears gloves much too large for his hands, ear muffs attached to a hat, a polo T-shirt and cargo shorts. He carries around a melting ice cube as his item. He lives in Alaska and Video Chats with Teto often. He has pale skin, and redish pink hair and eyes, but his hair is hidden by his ear-muff-hat.


You know how crazy everyone brings Teto out to be? Imagine that squared. He is one of the most crazy and random people you will ever meet. He isn't shy at all, though he imagines himself as shy. He is strong and he knows it, quite willing to break an arm if it comes down to his friends or his girlfriend. He is quite crazy over fruit, but his favorite is pinapple.


Cota is a sister to Teto. They get along quite well unless she touches his pineapple, then an argument brews. He is friends with Gumi and Kaito. Meiko was intoxicated while on a trip to Alaska, and Cota took her in and cared for her until it wore off. They are best friends, and Meiko teases him many times.


Hopefully there will be one soon...

Voice configuration

His voice is by the creator and sounds like a 9 year old boy. He sings acachepello, which is his favorite type of music. His first song will be in the External Links category.

Notable songs

Still making it.


  • His item is a melting ice cube, symbolizing his love for Alaska. And the fact he is always holding it.
  • Has a love-hate relationship with his cousin, but he will not reveal to us who it is.
  • Absolutley loves Pineapple.


External Links

Still making song.

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