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Copyloids are fanmade vocaloids made with the purpose to show the different espects of Vocaloid that few people may realize at times. (Meaning that they are rather similiar to LostLOIDs, but have a different vocaloid repesenting each seperate thing/meaning.) The name combines the english term "Copycat" and "Vocaloid". Due to something that has happened recently, the "project" is on hold until further notice.


A few copyloids designs/outfits are not very orginial, even though that is the very point of them. Each copyloid repesent a thing that is wrong with the fandom, such as having little knowledge due to being a newbie or just having found Vocaloid recently. (Copyloids can even represent the cliches/flaws of the Vocaloid fandom.)

Each copyloid has completely no voice of their own. The copyloid's voices depends who and what they are repesenting.

Even though they're quite different in many ways-besides the fact none of them have their own voices-they all have a few facts about them which show they're all connected;

Each Copyloids seems to have a special dislike to Voyakiloids. This might be due to the fact that Voyakiloids tend to dislike their voice or singing where Copyloids are slightly jealous for people having their 'own original voices' where in they don't have their own singing voices. So Copyloids tend to hate it when Voyakiloids start complaining about their own voices when Copyloids don't even have their own.

Copyloids also tend to get irritable when people call them 'unoriginal'-even though that's the exact point of their design-or compare them to other vocaloids.

Even though every Copyloid tend to be quite young, they all are a bit too mature or 'scary/disturbing' in some way to act their age.


So far only two copyloids have been made, Luna Chi, a 12-year-old girl who seems to be one of the older females of the series, and Loki Meguri, one of older males.

Copyloids on Fanloid Wiki

  • Luna Chi - Luna is simply a copyloid because she has no voice of her own, and she can only imitate any female vocaloid's voices. (Also the first known made copyloid.)
  • Loki Meguri, a blonde, slightly ditzy copyloid who can only voice Len Kagamine.

Outcoming Copyloids

  • Not much is known right now, but two Copyloid twins are coming out who're based on the Kagamines.
  • Someone based on Gumi is coming out soon.


  • Every copyloid, no matter what, if they're just even hard to get angry, if you call them a copycat, you will instantly annoy them. (In some cases, they take it as a insult or just starts causing some very painful torure on you.)
  • Each copyloid is based on at least one or two Vocaloid characters.
  • Nearly all of the Copyloids seems to have lost their memories; although a few memories seem to still remain in a few of them.
  • The more voicebanks a Copyloid can voice, the more unstable they can tend to be. (Both mentally and physically.)
  • Copyloids tend to dislike Voyakiloids. (This can range from just dislike/pity to the point of hating them for different Copyloids.)

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