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Chone Onsoku is the newest Sekai no Kasumi, named by Kiyastudios.


Onsoku has a yellow long sleeved shirt, and blue skinny jeans. He has tangerine hair, which he keeps in a short ponytail. He has a tongue piercing.


Onsoku is cool and laid-back. He is a total ladies man, and all the female Sekai no Kasumi but Kasumi and Kanari have had crushes on him. He can be self-centered at times.


Kasumi: She and Onsoku don't get along well.

Fumiko: Fumiko used to have a crush on him.

Cho: Cho used to have a crush on him.

Tonbo: He treats Tonbo like a little kid.

Aoi: Aoi is usually not seen in Sekai no Kasumi MODV videos, which is kinda Onsoku's thing, so...

Masato: They are good friends.

Arisu: Arisu used to have a crush on him but she's usually just a typical tsundere.

Hanabi: Hanabi used to have a crush on him.

Kanari: They are best friends.

Teira: They are dating.

Notable Songs by Onsoku

Madness of Duke Venomania (POSSIBLE DEMO SONG)

Billionaire ft. Masato Akihiro

Time of My Life

I'm Awesome


Totally Chill

I'm Sexier than Aoi (Parody of I'm Sexy and I Know It)

I'm Too Sexy For My Sexy


  • He is the first Kasumiloid with a piercing not in the ears.
  • He is the first Kasumiloid not named by Kasari.
  • His song "I'm Sexier than Aoi" refers to Aoi's cover of the LMFAO song, "I'm Sexy and I Know It".
  • I'm Too Sexy For My Sexy is his first original song.


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