Chloe Naranja; Chloe is the meaning of Blossom in (America); Naranja is the meaning of Orange in (Spanish) meaning of her hair color

Chloe Naranja


She is based on Rin Kagamine; Her clothing is apperently based on Rin's outfit with black and yellow touchups. She also has a big yellow bow on her head, similar to Rin's


She is nice and caring and loves Fashion most of the time, She loves to wear dresses and all that.


She is derived from Rin, she also has an opposite color (since Len and Rin is yellow) Cameron and Chloe color theme is Orange. She is also a Genderswaps Vocaloid. (Her Twin brother is the opposite gender of her original self.)

Voice configuration

Rin is her voice but Highpitched

Voice can be heard heard

Additional info


  • Cameron Naranja-(Twin Brother sometimes annoy him with her fashion statements)
  • Kayla Shiihito (Utau Wiki, Friend)
  • Rin Kagamine (Friend, Voice Source)


She is known as the opposite of Rin Kagamine Has orange hair, black clothing, and yellow bow


  • People sometimes call her stuck up

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