Sound of hope Chishiki Sakura and Ichigo
Chishiki Sakura/Ichigo
Biographical Information

july, 8, 2012


Sakura: May, 13, 1999 Ichigo: June, 25, 2001


Sakura: Female Ichigo: Female


Sakura: 13 Ichigo: 11


Sakura: 120 cms Ichigo: 112 cms


Sakura: 40 lbs Ichigo: 36 lbs

Technical Information
Chara item

Sakura: Mangaka's manual Ichigo: Backpack

Opt genre

(soon) Pop, Rock, Ballades.

Additional Information

sound of hope


sound of hope

Chishiki Sakura/Ichigo are two sisters who sometimes make honor to their names of other things they like.

They're friends with Kitaine Mary and Kitaine Yukio .


Sakura: Sakura wears a striped long sleeved top (white and red stripes) under a sleeveles jean shirt, Blue shorts with a golden belt, two pairs of socks (first pair, socks under the knees with cherries design and the second pair are leg warmers) and black sneakers. She wears pink glasses (they're lecture glasses, but she doesn't take them off because Minako gave it to her as a gift for her birthday, she only takes them off when she does some covers).

Eyes: Purple and Fucsia mix

Hair: Light pink pigtails.

Ichigo: A steel blue sailor fuku, a gray skirt, white socks and black shoes. A large pink bow at her hair completes her design.

Eyes: Green (When she has the worst prank in mind, her eye color stays with a blood color touch).

Hair: Violent pink twin drills.


Sakura: She is as mature as Luka, but adopts mostly Kagami's personality (from Lucky star). The reason she wears glases is that she is a Megane, that makes the point that she's smart. Sakura most of the time gets out of problems that her younger sister Ichigo make (big ones truly). Everybody called her with the nickname Meganami (a mix of Megane and Kagami because the way she is).

Likings: Make her own mangas, spring (from there goes her name).

Dislikings: Being in trouble because of Ichigo, feeling alone.

Fears: Be in a crazy car ride with Kizaine

Ichigo: Just because she looks adorable doesn't mean that she is. She acts like a bratty all the time and loves to make pranks (specially in april's fool day). She eats a lot but she doesn't get fat, she's a super fan of Teto Kasane (just check out her hairstyle!).

Likings: Strawberry shortcake, film Mary while she uses her maid dress.

Dislikings: Being scolded, not get anything she wants (specially sweets).

Fears: tha same as her sister Sakura.


Randomly appeared.


Still no appearances.

Voice configuration

Coming soon.

Sakura's voice configuration would sound slightly cheerful, but not a lot, with a mysterious touch like Luka's voice.

Ichigo's voice would be really cheerful, childish and soft (not a lot)

Notable songs

Future cover songs:

Sakura: Triple Baka, Toeto, Alice's human sacrifices, Don't say lazy!, UnHappy Refrain, Take it! Sailor uniform, Inmoral sisters.

Ichigo: Kurumi Ponchio, Alice's human sacrifices, Chishiki Territory, Confront! you look so cool!, Dear cocoa girls, Mojukisse happy 100%, UnHappy Refrain, Take it! Sailor uniform, Sweet little sister, Inmoral sisters, GO! Little sister emotion, Fukkireta, forgotten girl, No, thank you (Len ver.).


  • Ichigo always dreams about singing alongside Teto, so when she thinks about her or sees her passing by, her drills spin during a certain lapse of time (exactly 2 seconds).
  • Sakura always does her usual hairstyle because she likes the Sailor Moon anime.
  • Ichigo is a nekomaniac (yay! i made a new word!) because she attempts to steal Mekomura Iroha's hello kitty hat.
  • If things goes out of control, Sakura makes like a sadistic bride face and a cazy laugh, which makes everybody (incluiding Ichigo) run for their lives (whose stays in her way won't live to tell it). The only way she can go back to normal is being knocked out (if someone dares to do it).
  • 2 signs that everybody have to hide from Ichigo: When her eyes change of color and when it's a school-free day.


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