Chiboshi Aki (あき千星,Aki Chiboshi) is a fanmade vocaloid created by ImAllergicToCheese.

Personality and traits

Aiko is described as being a bit of an introvert who is cool, calm and collected. She hides her emotions Often and She is caring,Positive,and Gentle. She is a Gamer,and an Otaku. She know PewDiePie,CutiePie,and thier pals. She is also very Honest,Shy,and Innocent. She is known as a Dandere.  She is Estonian girl who can speak any lanuage,she moves to Japan because of her Parents' Job. She is Veery Silent.


She wears a long sleeved Orange and white seifuku uniform. Her hair and her shoes are brown. Her socks are medium and white. Her eyes orange. Her hair is waist length. Her height is 149cm,her weight is 39kg. Her age is 11 years old. She is the shortest and youngest in her class (if everyone is born in year 2000 and 2001,that means she is born in year 2002).


She is a 6th grade Student of Natsuka Elementary school. 


  • Keiko Chiboshi: Mother
  • Saito Chiboshi: Father
  • Akao Kurozuki: Boyfriend
  • Estonia : Friend,somehow like a Older brother
  • All People who studies/works at Natsuka Elementary school will ber her friends and such.




  • I love Making friends
  • In some photos,u can see me smile..
  • Me loves to sing...

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