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5'9" ft



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nodachi sword

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Chanter is a french Haganeloid; his series number is 08. He has dark skin, pink hair with a black streak and wears a black and white striped shirt. He's notably tsundere. He also wears a black jacket with a purple or blue trim the inside of the coat is red. He sometimes wears a chain on the side of his shorts, fishnet arm warmers, spiked bracelet and choker. His name Chanter is french for to sing.

Hinata73 (talk) 12:39, July 31, 2012 (UTC)


In terms of personality, Chanter is very sarcastic and cocky, which is the reason he looks so happy. He to like his leader Aku is a very unstable person and he detests all Vipperloids or any Vocaloid hating Utauloid, especially Tei Sokune. He feels very bad that people hate Miku Hatsune and the other Vocaloids. He's normally kind to Fanloids and Vocaloids, but could care less for the Utauloids. When he is not planning of a way to kill all Utauloids, save for Luna Amane, he is shown to enjoy art and cooking. He is on good terms with the other Hagane and Negloids. He's normally seen stalking Tei Sukone and Lorana goth (a.k.a. Lon). He hates anyone who would step or threatens Miku's well being and would most likely set traps of the death kind to get rid of her competition. Chanter doesn't care who sees him do it. You can say he is the jackass of the group and frankly, he cares less. His whole life revolves around defending his "family" and do anything including some of the lowest things ( i.w cheat, or kill) to do so. In some aspects you can consider him a yandere, though he's just insane in general. Chanter by all means is known as a yaoi character; in other words he is gay. He has a crush on Malo, though he's more subtle than Toki. He is also well known for his highly sadist/masochist personality. His favorite phrase in french is, "Bonsior and foutre...merci." He also is known for his hostility and hatred of trollers, posers and arrogant people.


Chanter was born in Normandy, France. He always loved singing and the metal genre music, which is why he is a Haganeloid. When he was about ten, his parents died in house robbing, in which he also lost his sister. He's 19 years old and was born June 14th. He is exactly 5"9 ft. His character item is a nodachi sword that he received from Aku for his birthday. His closest friends are Malo and Toki.


None yet

Voice configuration

Chanter is known for his feminate voice. He sings screamo,techno screamo (something close to aesthetic perfection) and metal.

Notable songs

  • Rebellious Flames on all UTAUloids


  • Chanter is technically considered a yandere


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