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C*cblocking Oliver
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January 2012





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Fanmade Vocaloid variant



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mpreglissa (aka banshee-strikes)


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C*ckblocking Oliver is a parody variant based on Vocaloid Oliver.


He is depicted much like the official Oliver, who was illustrated by VocaTone artist, dappleback. His details are simplified and the bottom half of his body is not seen. He wears a sailor style blue coat, white sailor cap, and a white undershirt with a yellow ribbon tie. His hair is blond, and his right eye is covered with a bandaged wrap.

He is primarily seen with both arms raised in the air and a smile on his face.


C*ckblocking Oliver takes on the personality of a little boy who enjoys interrupting and annoying those around him. Due to his young age, it is viewed by the fandom that Oliver becomes uneasy around the opposite sex, or even the same sex, when potential romancing is involved. Even hugging or incoming hugs appear to make him nervous.


C*ckblocking Oliver appeared on the blogging site tumblr in January 2012.[1] The blog occupies the address "C*ckblocking Oliver"; it is a image blog where tumblr members can submit or request entries that use the variants image over another image.

The purpose of the character is reference to the act of c*ckblocking, a slang term used to describe the intentional, or sometimes unintentional action that serves to prevent someone from having any romantic, sexual or lustful actions with their present partner. While on tumblr the character is used to liberal degrees, blocking anything from unoffensive images, to printed names and photographs.

Source: tumblr

C*ckblocking Oliver was made by starglow, who sent mpreglissa a series of drawings of her otp (known as, One true pairing) being c*ckblocked by Vocaloid Oliver because she liked him a lot so for some reason she had chosen him to block Akita Neru and Yowane Haku who were being intimate. It got spread onto tumblr, and then the blog was created after it was gaining more popularity.[2]


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  • Hi I'm Oliver and I like c*ckblocking.
  • BEEP BEEP Oliver coming through![3]
  • RABU RABU Oliver coming through![4]
  • Move outta the way!


  • Believes he's doing the world a favor.



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