Bunya Hotaru is a fanmade vocaloid


She may be friendly at times though she is very short tempered. So people don't tend to anger her. She is mostly quiet at times but can become very emotional.


She has white hair worn in a high pony tail. She wears a white ballerina like dress which goes to her knees. White tights with a single black bow on them. White ankle length boots. She wears white fingerless lace gloves. She wears a black bow in her hair to keep the pony tail in place.


Her vocaloid number is 711 and doesn't have many friends. She doesn't care for friends she prefers the company of stuffed animals.


She doesn't usually talk to others. She has a soft voice, she uses her voice to sing lullabies to put others to sleep. Her voice dosn't come from any other vocaloids. She usually carries a stuffed bunny rabbit around with her for company.

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