Sound of hope Baka Baka no team

Members of the "Baka Baka no team" group

Baka Baka no team is a little group that (in my own creative terms) Ichigo founded.


This group was made based on the "Triple Baka" group (which Miku, Neru and Teto are, just that here, there's four members).

Some of the creator's fanloids would appear in some covers (if their voice configurations are made O_O).


Some of their covers would be made from some songs from Touhou, vocaloids, etc.

List of covers to be made':

Triple Baka

Cirno's perfect math class

Homework never ends (Temari's gonna take Rumia's place because there's five characters in the song).

Creator's note: If you know any more funny songs with two or more characters, tell me at my user page~! ^^. I know i know ... there's a song where only one character sings in the list ... but i didn't had more option ...


There's a manga in progress, but it's in spanish version.

Creator's note: If you're interested to give me some ideas, don't forget to leave me a message!.

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