Arata Aimi

Arata Ami is a unofficial Boukaloid. Her name 新 (Arata) means 'fresh' or 'new' and 愛 (Aimi) means 'Love,affection'. Alltogether means Fresh Love Affection. people may also call her 明るい赤い星 (Akarui Akai Hoshi) Meaning 'Bright red Star' as she loves stargazing,shes a bright and bubbly person and she always wears red.


She has the numbers 07 which has no meaning. She's a lolicon although she isn't very flat chested compared to other lolis , Her hair is coloured reddish-brown and the hairstyle is like Seychelles of Hetalia except with two black clips on the right and with a red head band, her attire is coloured red and it's a frilly and fluffy dress (the frills are white and the whole dress is red), she wears sandals coloured peach/white, her skin is flawless and pale, her eyes are golden-pink,and her chara item is a brown basket with a red ribbon.


She is a bright and bubbly girl.She's friendly, simple (not girly), kind, fun, dandere, honest, caring, and concerned.At times she can be very silent and shy but once you get to know her she'll really be a true friend and be opened up (show her happy personality). Sometimes she could get very lonely easily since she's not close to everyone around her.

Her hobbies is stargazing, reading about the stars, galaxies, planets, and beyond, once she's your friend she'll start visiting you at least once a week, baking (sometimes), and cosplaying inside her own room (just for fun).


Arata Amial is 14-15 yrs. old (most likely 15), her birthdate is _unkown_ for now, she lives in London but she sometimes goes to Tokyo to visit (Edewgd and Miori Kanohara) well but she'd only visit them 10-15 times month.

She is rich that sometimes others call her a "rich b*tch" or a "rich bastard" , she gets really offended by it but she still acts calm so she won't cause any trouble since she doesn't have much friends. She doesn't like ghosts, gore, supernaturality, bad pranks, bullying, dangerous animals, pests, girly people, sadists, and hentais.

Voice configuration

Her voice sounds like Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin except Arata's voice sounds a bit softer and more pitchy.

Configuration: I can take off my panties

There is nothing to explain.
BREATHINESS (BRE) Not defined BRIGHTNESS (BRI) Not defined CLEARNESS (CLE) Not defined
GENDER FACTOR (GEN) Not defined OPENING (OPE) Not defined
Orig. Vocal: Kagamine Rin

Notable media

Additional info


  • Edewgd- best friend and gave Edewgd the nickname "Edogawa Haruka".
  • Miori Kanohara- favourite senpai and a good friend.
  • Nekomimi Ai- finds her pretty and likes her nekomimi (cat ears).
  • Mikaiko- Aimi/Arata Amial finds Mikaiko pretty and fabulous.


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  • The colour red represents happiness and love, it could also mean blood and war.


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