MamaMuh AnnlottaHaffenfeld
Annlotta Haffenfeld
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1,78 m


80 kg


Princess Happy Jawbone

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Fanmade Vocaloid

Series no.


Chara item

Canine jawbone


None yet, will be voiced by Mama Muh in the future

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Not defined

Additional Information

Glarlag (Mama Muh)


Glarlag (Mama Muh)


Annlotta is a bilingual Fanloid from Germany. She speaks/sings German and English. Her name is based on the old german name Anna-Lotta ("Anna"= Mercy/favour; "Lotta"= powerful). Her name is not related to her actual personality or abilities.


Annlotta's skin and hair are rather pale, with her hair being silver, except for the hair tips which are dyied in a bright blue. Her hair is styled into a single, voluminous pigtail. Annlotta's left index finger and her right ellbow are made of white porcelain. Her color scheme is bright blue/dark pink/black/white. All her clothes are based on a fantasy-princess style, including a corsage, a choker, a coat, bloomers and a crown. She also wears an eye patch and a bracelet with lace. Motives of chess, card games and bones can also be found on her clothes. As an example, her headphones consist out of a hairband with a checkered pattern, an earpiece that resembles the card symbol spade and a jaw protection made of a canine jawbone. The spade can also be found on her microphone's head. The stand of the microphone resembles a spine. Sometimes she is drawn with a skirt made of cards.


Annlotta is an outgoing person, who's only goal in life is to have as much fun as possible. Friends are very important to her. She suffers from heavy doubt in her abilities and general lazyness. Annlotta is obsessed with scary things. Singing and dancing helps her to ignore her problems.


Annlotta's basic design was developed in 2010, although in another context. Mama Muh, her creator, had planned to design a card game as a birthday gift for one of her friends. In the end the idea was discarded. Annlotta would have been the lady of spades. 2012 the concept sketches were used to create Annlotta.

Future plans for her voice

Annlotta will be voiced by her creator in the future.


-Annlotta has a monstrous dog-like creature called "Schäbig" (Schaebig; german for "shabby"). Thanks to Annlotta's lazyness the name says it all.

-It is unknown if Annlotta is actually a princess as her name misses the german title "Von"(which is an indicator for noble origins, changing her name to "Annlotta Von Haffenfeld").


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