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Anima Aoki


Biographical Information

[Juni] 03, 2012


March 02, 2009






5'1.4" / 156cm


103lbs / 47kg





Technical Information
Series type


Series no.

don't have

Chara item

long ninja katana


Kagene Rei

Opt genre


Additional Information

Diandra Eliza Adjeng Putri MyAoiChan 14:37, June 12, 2012 (UTC)MyAoiChan


Diandra Eliza Adjeng Putri


Anima Aoi (Twin Sister)

 Anima Aoki is a young fanmade, His name アニマ (Anima) - Meaning "Spirit". 青木 (Aoki) - Meaning "Blue Tree". Reference to Azure


Aoki uniform look almost like Kagamine Len. He wears sleeves like Kagamine's, have black long skirt pants with blue stripes, and white shoes with an blue pattern in the bottom of his shoes.


Aoki is happy and serious boy, he is very protective of his twin sister Aoi, really often yelling out, "Don't touch Aoi!" (Aoi wo sawaru na! を触るな!)

and he think of Kagamine Len as his ultimate rival!


After a long slumber Aoki awake in unknow lab, when he look around he notice that the scientist have a problem with her Twin Sister. He then learn an unknown virus got into her system. This virus, however, is very dangerous and when his twin awake, she doesn't have any emotions, she just become a empty android. All the scientist try their best to destroy the Virus inside Aoi but what ever they do is pointless, the scientist even plan to shut Aoi down and destroy her. Aoki try his best to stop the scientist to shut his twin down until one day a Vocaloid family arrive to the Lab and want to help to re-program Aoi. the Vocaloid that choose to help the scientist is Len, Rin and Kaiko. The three of them go inside Aoi program and destroy the Virus, finally she awake and have a emotions. Aoki really glad that his Twin were save not to be destroy by the scientist, but he also know that his twin no longer his related Sister, cause from the program inside her change when the Vocaloid destroy the virus. He think that he can make Aoi his lover when ever he one, until he notice that Aoi have fallen in love with Kagamine Len from first sight, because of this..  He hate Kagamine Len and try his best to make Aoi not get to close to Len.

Aoki was created at "age 14", so for him, he doesn't know that much about the world due to his not having a true childhood but he already knows the feeling of falling in love and rivalry..



Voice configuration

Aoki's voice is much like Kagene Rei's. They are both lower pitches of Rin. Usually, his voice is pitched down -16 in Audacity. However sometimes he is pitched down -10 to -12 from Len for some of the Len-based songs.

Notable songs


  • Likes: White Chocolate, Blue, Aoi, Singing
  • Dislikes: Boys that come close to Aoi especially Kagamine Len


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