Nam: Anagano G6 Tetano or Break


Anagano was designed randomly by Marion Sly A.K.A. me. Yes, me.

She doesn't actually sing much. Instead, she playes a saxophone. Sheusually only playes hard music and she rarely playes jazz.

Clothes: Black and blue goggles with purple lenses.

Blue and black shirt with a magenta skirt that has a medium sized train on the back.

Blue and white gloves.

Her right glove is smaller than her left and the colors are switched around.

Magenta choker.

White and blue socks with black shoes.


Hair: Green

Skin: Peach

Eyes: Magenta


She is shy around new people and often gets in trouble. She hates girly girls, self-centered asswipes, rich snobs, women who are obsessed with shopping and grody men.

She often spends her time at anime shops ( Am I describing myself?) and Hot Topic. (I am...)

When at school she never payes attention. She claims she knows everything (she does) due to her maker putting many files in her head.


I created her at random. Carefully chosing the parts and pieces. Lulz :3

I have a file of her voice somewhere on my computor.

The reason I gave her the nickname "Break" is because of her psychokinetic abilities to break, destroy, kill, etc.

Kind of like Robert. The tire in a movie called Rubber.

I still don't understand that....

She was originally a skin that I made for Minecraft. Or as the Germans say, MEINKRAFT.

I am German. Lulz :3

I later turned her into a character wad file for Doom 3 and SRB2.

Her actions include:

Running at a fast pace

Swinging her sax when she jumps

Playing her sax when in idle mode

breaking instead of spindashing.


Voice configuration

Her voice is an edited version of mine.

I need to find the file ^^'

Notable songs

File search...


32px-Attention niels epting.svg Notice: This picture was made by Marion M. Sly. Redistribution this image is against copyright laws and trademark laws and I will bring you to court. you may not edit this picture or claim it as your own. If I see this on your website, page etc. I will take you to court unless you have my permission.

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