Amerikangāru(アメリカンガール) is Daikon and Sakana's(who are also fanloids) adopted sister. Her number is 3.5. 

Better version lkagaminer
Biographical Information

May 10, 2014


June 15, 2007

Technical Information




Sofuto Family


Chara item

hair clip

Additional Information




Amerikangāru has long hair that goes below her knees and is about the color of Hastune miku's hair. her bangs are kept to the side of her hair by a golden colored hair clip. she wears a simple, but adorable dress that seems like it was made just for her. The main part of the dress is yellow and a side color is the same color green as her hair. She wears white tights with green sandals with yellow flowers on it. Her eyes are blue and innocent-looking, and something must be terribly wrong if you don't see her wearing lipstick.


Amerikangāru is still at the age where she wants to be a princess making her have a girly-girl personality. Whatever she really, really wants, she won't stop 'till she gets what she wants, using her puppy dog face. Most of the time kind and loyal. She has very strong ambition.


Amerikangāru was adopted from America in 2010. Since she was so young and her native languge was English, she had a hard time figuring out what words were English and what words were Japanese.

It is no wonder why her best class is English, or as they say, Eigo(英語)(if you didn't catch that, Eigo is Japanese for English). She is enrolled in her school's English program between 1:00(P.M.) and 3:30(P.M.). 

She knows she will become a princess somday by a prince falling in love with her so she makes sure she looks her very best. 

Another dream she has is being exactly like her sisters and finally, on May 10, 2014 she became a fanloid.

Vocaloid Relationships

~ Rin Kagamine ~ Sisters' friend

~ Len Kagamine ~ "You mean the weirdo?"

~ Anon and Kanon ~ Enemies/ "I never met them."

~ Flower ~ Who?

~ Neru ~ Acquaintance

~ Kaito ~  "Daikon says to stay away from him."

~ Kaai Yuki ~ Best friend

~ Hiyama Kiyoteru ~  teacher

Additional Info

Amerikangāru means "American girl."

~ Her last name, Sofuto, means "soft" because her "soft" spirit.

~ The idea of her came from one of Kagamine Rin's songs, "I Wanna Be A Princess! (Ohime-sama ni naritai no!)(おひめさまになりたいのッ!) 


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