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What are the AmeriLoids well The AmeriLoids are a group of American Vocaloids which are all based on the Vocaloids, They were announced in 3\2\1O__The AmeriLoids were dicided when the Americans wanted a Vocaloid group that would involve on their kind of music and acts. The Company then came called "V.A.M which was Vocaloid.American.Media"

This is when their first Vocaloid idea came, someone who was based on Hatsune Miku but in an American version, People refused so they tried another idea. On 4/1/1O they accomplished their frist vocaloid and album, " Run to the Starz " by first American vocaloid Harmony, she was a hit in New York! Just then after Harmony became a Star only in one Country (New York) V.A.M thought of another Vocaloid who could become even more famous! in 4/12/1O the V.A.M company thought of Caroline who became famous then Harmony and streched through the whole American countries to Canada and Japan, This vocaloid was a hit. Later in they created 4 more vocals.

AmeriLoids were big and were famous and streched through continents, altough the Vocaloids were famous as well the AmerLoids also became famous as them.

The AmerLoids were forever a hit ans will always be kept as the awsome Loids! And thanks to Caroline the became better!!


Famous Vocaloid

Acording to V.A.M they say that Caroline is the most with more than a million fans, which make an amount of number, Carolines first song which made her famous was " True Music " which was a hit and was annouced most wanted album in Japan,Tokyo and Canada and of course America! 


The Voices Of the AmeriLoids are very robo like, take the vocaloids the same but the vocaloids only speak japanese and The AmeriLoids have a humanoid voice liked english!

Notable media

Best Album through the AmeriLoids are " True Music " by Caroline


They are a hit in Japan,Canada,America

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