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Amaine Kanari is a Sekai no kasumi named by Kiyastudios.


She has shoulder length red hair with bangs. Kanari also has red eyes. She wears a dark grey bra, and a maroon skirt. She has a tattoo down her right arm (my right, not her right) that reads "STAB!"


She's a yandere.


Onsoku: Best Friend

Kaito: Obsessive Crush

Z: This is Kanari's pink stuffed bunny and "practice victim". Z has been stabbed multiple times.

Voice configuration

Kanari has a surprisingly sweet sounding voice.

Notable Songs by Kanari

Schmelze (DEMO SONG)

I am Append

Stab (Melt Parody)

Our Wedding or Your Funeral (Suki Daisuki Parody)

Alternative Ending to the Story of Evil


  • She is the first Sekai no Kasumi with a tattoo.
  • She is the first Sekai no Kasumi to be a yandere.
  • She is the second Sekai no Kasumi to be able to sing German, with Kasumi being the first.
    • To be honest, any Sekai no Kasumi to be able to sing any other language other than English or Japanese will be the second. Kasumi sings everything.

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