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Ainone Kai (Ainoneカイ)
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May 6, 2013


May 5








39.6 kg


Kai Ainone



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Apple pie

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Ainone Kai (Ainoneカイ)


Kai has light pink hair, pinkish-white skin, orange-brown eyes, wears a sky blue head band (headphone), light pink and peach patterned shirt with loose laces and socks, also a peach skirt, and wears a light pink boots with pinkish-violet laces.


Ainone is a friendly, sweet, kind, fun, easeful, bashful (sometimes), childish when she eats Apple pie, and loud when she plays horror/thrilling video games or watches horror/thrilling movies.


[Past] Birth place : London, England (UK)

Kai was alone ever since birth, as she grew she was left with nothing, no one to talk to, and no friends, all she felt was sorrow and fear, but she still had some hope that made her keep on struggling to live so she didn't give up, even when it was very hard for her. After such time she turned 9 years old she was happy that she made it that far, until one rainy night she felt like she was about to die while she was walking she stopped at a dark area filled with dirt and trash, she sat down and laid her head on the side of the trash bin and said " it would be nice if I could live a little longer..." Until a young girl and a young boy happened to pass by the young girl said " are you alright?..." then the boy said " if your hungry and need shelter come with us" Kai was troubled then the boy held Kai's hand and told her " there is no need to be afraid anymore...". The boy and girl took her into a mansion which was actually an orphanage, before they went inside the girl said " my name is Kana pleased to meet you! " then the boy said " my name is Kei, what's yours?..." Kai said " I have none... " then Kei said "don't worry you'll get a name!" Kana said "how about Lucy?!" then Kei said " no, how about Ginger?" Kai said " um, how about Kai? " the two nodded. The tree entered and Kai was amazed to see so much children like her. The owner of the orphanage was a rich woman about her young twenty's, Ms. Veronica Millers asked Kai was accepted and as weeks pasted by she began to make friends, and one of Kai's friend At the age 10 she was troubled because she overheard __work in progress__


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